The loud house luck crossover fanfiction

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The loud house luck crossover fanfiction

These are recommendations made by Tropers for The Loud House fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page. Omega Ultra. The Loud Author. That Engineer. Trillhouse FanFiction. Net profilePastebin.

Aberrant Script. Requiem for a Loud by Underrated Hero. Queen of the Hill by mandaree1. A Hero's Welcome by Nostalgiah. What You Wish For by themaninthecouch. Remedy Madness by Patfarm King. Our Brother's A WereWolf! Burning Secret by Samtastic 3. Babysitter from Heaven by Weavillain. Girls Among Sheep by Gumball2. Lori's Birthday by Gumball2. The Loud Fusions by Exotos Guardian Louds by The Loud Author.

Birthday Breakfast by MrTyeDye. Mall Rats by MrTyeDye. Live-to-Lynn by LoudAutomata Loud Legends by Rakanadyo.

the loud house luck crossover fanfiction

My Sister Leni by Gumball 2. The Blooming Lily by TerraZeal. Sirens Chiptunes by Cedric Leni And The Jetts by themaninthecouch. Chains Of Reality by Exotos Luan's Problem by AustinDR.Yo guys geo here and welcome to the Invincible Iron Linc and yes yes I know it's a No such Luck story get all of your Moans and groans of hatred out Now and whine and complain about how it's not original It was another day at the Loud house So pretty much like every other day.

All of them began to head out. Even Lincoln, unfortunately they strapped him to the Roof of the Van. Lynn was about to get on the Bus With her Team when she realized something.

Much better. Yep That's what he saw he hoped Lynn Enjoyed her trip with her tea Lynn where are you! These guys are gonna get it when I break free! Lynn tried to look away as her tears fell at a rapid placing being mixed in with her blood falling from her eyes. Don't feel like rubbing our faces in it now? Lincoln Punched the first guy in his Face as the other Tried to hit lincoln with the bat. She grunted and tried to move from her chair while ignoring the pain in her legs.

No way! There they saw Lynn who was still tied to the Chair and Lincoln who was laying in a Pool of Blood that was Slowly growing. We knew he Faked it and we planned on Letting him back inside after a week but Lymm sr said uneasily. I guess so" Lynn sighed as She and Leni Went together the others All of whom gathered together in the dining room. He was silent and didn't say a word. She walked upstairs and Knocked on her Brother's Door.

We'd like you e It would Kill him". That made them all gasp, Lincoln included.

the loud house luck crossover fanfiction

Lincoln's Hair shaded His Eyes as Lynn could feel herself crying. No this Won't Do at All! He looked at it while already feeling the first stage of depression. Rita said opening the door and Poking her head in only to be Met with Lincoln cold Glare. She sighed and moved over closer. I Understand" She sighed as she stood up and was about to Leave. All of them just looking at their food in sadness and not saying a word. Not that! Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Rest In Peace It was another day at the Loud house We're gonna kick butt! Go Lynn! Before this Happened. Why are you laughing?!Later, Lucy was wondering what all the Gothic stuff in her and Lynn's room was, when Luan came inside. Later that night, Lincoln and Lucy were riding in Vanzilla, and Lucy stared at Lincoln lovingly, causing him to turn to the audience. He then sat them at the same table Lincoln and Lori sat at on their double date with the Santiagos.

Fanfiction - Luck

Lincoln struggled, and Lucy kissed him in the lips, and right when she did it, her memories came back, and when she realized she was kissing Lincoln, she stopped and wiped her tongue with a napkin.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. My twelfth fanfiction. Credit goes to for the idea. Story One day at the Loud house, Lucy was writing down poems in her book. Lucy chased Charles to the driveway and around Vanzilla. Leni opened her door, and Lucy ran right into it, knocking her unconscious. Later, Lucy woke up, surrounded by her siblings.

Lisa then realized something. Lisa then walked up to the attic. Lucy then picked up a picture of her and Lincoln. Lucy then walked over to Lincoln, who was reading comics in his underwear on the couch.

As Lucy skipped away, Lincoln realized something. Lincoln confronted Luan, who was sitting on her bed.

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Lincoln and Luan screamed at Lynn Sr. Lynn Sr. The waiter then walked up. They ate dinner and afterwards, Lucy looked at Lincoln. Lincoln began to walk away, when Lucy grabbed him. She then looked around, and had no idea what she was doing at Jean Juan's. During the ride home in Vanzilla, Lincoln had told Lucy about what had happened.

The End. Categories : Blog posts Fanfiction.Picture done by FirstDrellSpectre. Hope you enjoy it! Get it? I might get my black belt tomorrow! And I won't be able to pass my test if you keep distracting me. I want to express myself, and I don't need all this creepiness invading my space. I'm not trying to be rude Just for while, please? What would happen if I ended up making a creepy black outfit?

If you get that on my I will literally be so angry! I have to look really nice to see Seriously, you have a job as a kid's party entertainer. You're working at an arcade! I wonder what you put on you're resume, professional texter?

She hears noise from Lisa's room and decides to see what was happening]. I need to unplug this machine before there's more lightning, there's a high risk of a power surge that could make it malfunction. What just happened? And why are we all seeing double of ourselves? Now, we've all switched bodies. I guess I was too wrapped up in what I was doing. Maybe this is some sort of magical punishment. This is just a coincidence that everyone who was arguing was switched with each other. This is important.

It's your two week anniversary of the 18th time you got pizza together? We should all cover for each other! You could cover for Lola, and Luan could go to my date as me! She's really good with things like poetry, but does she know about designing? Well anyways, would you mind giving us a hand? Everyone switched.

You didn't avoid me this time! I brought you flowers, but they're not nearly as beautiful as you are There was a big accident that made us all switch, and now I look like Lori.

So that's what happened, and I was thinking that I could already talk. And you couldStory Author Community Forum. X-overs Cartoon X-overs Gravity Falls Spider-Man Danny Phantom Undertale Naruto Fairly OddParents Ben 10 Sonic the Hedgehog Land Before Time Mario My Little Pony SpongeBob SquarePants 9. El Tigre 9. Steven Universe 9. Star Vs.

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The Forces of Evil 9. Wrestling 8. Marvel 8. Godzilla 8. Scooby Doo 7. Ed, Edd n Eddy 7. My Life as a Teenage Robot 7.The poll will be up right after I post this.

As usual I own nothing. Eons ago, in the deep void of space on the planet Oa, a supremely powerful race of beings known today as the Guardians of the Universe harnessed the power of the green light. The light of Willpower. With this light, they crafted rings of tremendous power and gave them to beings capable of overcoming great fear, tremendous greed, powerful love, and incredible rage.

The Loud House - Bad Luck Lincoln - Nickelodeon UK

These beings quickly accumulated over the millennia, banding together to form a peacekeeping force known as the Green Lantern Corps. Tenacious warriors of determination that travelled across the universe to protect it from evil.

But long before the Guardians harnessed the green light, before they formed the very idea of the Green Lantern Corps, they crafted another peacekeeping force. An army of autonomous androids, that were completely void of emotion, known as the Manhunters. A force that, for a short time, did their job as perfectly as they could. Until their slaughter of Sectorotherwise known as the Forgotten Sector. By the mechanical hands of the very machines they created, an entire galaxy had been almost completely wiped of all life.

Keyword being almost. Among the razed towns, destroyed cities, and ruined civilizations there lived but five measly survivors. Five survivors whom were consumed with rage by the loss of their homes and families, sought vengeance on the Guardians, and branded themselves the Five Inversions. But despite many a plan to exact retribution on the blue space imps, the Five Inversions were beaten again and again, and imprisoned on the planet Ysmault again and again.

Until eventually one of them could take it no more. This lone Inversion, armed with a red lantern, bludgeoned his fellow Inversions to death in a willing fit of anger. And, with a pool of their spilt blood and ritualistic blood magic, crafted a mighty tool to harness a different kind of light. The red light of rage. And it was with this light that he formed a sole ring to harness his wrath and this crimson luminance. His name, Atrocitus. Thus, with the slow accumulation of more enraged and hateful beings from across the universe, the Red Lantern Corps were born.

Over time each color of the spectrum gained it's own Lantern Corp, some gaining many members while others were reduced to either one or none. But little did Atrocitus realize, as he streaked towards the planet Earth himself in search of potential new recruits, was that the newest member of the Red Lantern Corps was going to be a young human boy.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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the loud house luck crossover fanfiction

Cancel Apply 4. My Sisters, the Werewolves by Metalbrony reviews Lincoln suddenly gets himself in a heavy pickle when his sisters turn into werewolves after saving him from a wolf attack on a camping trip, and he is biting off more than he can chew.

Can he cure them all? Or will they be werewolves forever? Solo lean y disfruten.

Sister Chaos

Los personajes de The Loud House no me pertenecen ni busco lucrarme de ellos. Two Worlds by BrandonLeaquartz reviews Be careful what you wish for or it might come true. That is what Lincoln Loud and Olivia Sigrah learn when they wished for each others lives. Join them as they live through this special connection. Lincoln Bell by Sunblast X reviews Every years, mamodo arrive on earth to do battle. This battle is held to decide the next king of the mamodo world.

One mamodo, Lincoln Bell, is in this battle to not only become king but to prove himself. El Secreto de 2 Loud's by Doble E. Habita una familia peculiar Los Loud, una familia conformada por 11 hijos. Donde 10 son mujeres y el del medio es un chico. Up next: Lincoln Loud.

Enough by Lightblade reviews Lincoln may always have to deal with his sisters and them taking him for granted. But this is the last straw. After Lincoln's friends and family forget his birthday, they plan to make it up to him. Lynncoln: I'm crazy yandere - Remake by Andriw Phoenix Network reviews What seemed to be a "relaxing" afternoon of play became the greatest tragedy for our sporty chestnut; a tragedy that would damage all her sanity and turn her into an uncontrolled beast, the quality desires only one thing: The love of her only brother: Lincoln Loud.

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They embark unusual adventures throughout their experience such as surviving a pack of coyotes for instance. What will happen next? A Sparking Relationship by heavy5comando reviews My First Fanfic just Rebuilt, Lincoln gets lonely on a Saturday, it all changes when he hangs out with someone he did not expect. Spells and Louds by heavy5comando reviews Takes place after the events in Spell Luck.

Now follow Lincoln and his new family with the Louds in tow as they brave new adventures across the known and unknown.

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Thanks for those who have been very supportive with my stories, including this one! Stay Chill by Metalbrony reviews After accidentally freezing herself in a cryogenic sleeping pod made by Lisa, Luna gains new superpowers controlling ice, snow, and absorbing heat, and for that, Luna Frost is born.

Look out Royal Woods, there is a new ice user in town. Jrassic loud by Supermariosunshinr Lincoln invites his sister's to his park and to thier surpize their are dinosaurs in Lincoln park but it will quikely become's a nightmare.

Luna and Sam continue to be disaster girlfriends and bond with each other and their families. The confession, driving lessons, adventures in trying to cure a writer's block, pranks, Lincoln being a protective brother, Lori being a fangirl, and more.


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